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Battin Farms Equine and Soldier Sanctuary
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Average cost to rehabilitate a horse.

Average cost can run upto $1800 to cover farrier, hay, feed, veterinary care, and any dental care needed. You will also have additional expenses to train/retrain the animal to be used for therapy.

About us


Battin Farms Equine and Soldier Sanctuary rescues neglected and abused horses from auction and through other rescue efforts. The Company works to rehabilitate the horses, provide all necessary medical and nutrition for animals to be healthy and happy. Their second mission, which is integrated into the horse rescue, is to provide therapy for Veterans and provide a sanctuary where both Horse and Soldier, can be rehabilitated through interaction together. 


The Company is prepared to introduce the following services to the market:



Rescue and Rehabilitation: Battin Farms Equine and Soldier Sanctuary provides counseling to suicidal and depressed war Veterans. They provide many activities to help Veterans rehabilitate back into society after the mental devastation of war. Veterans communicate and help with horses, in need, to help them reach outside of themselves and feel a real value in their lives. The deep emotional bond between horse and Veteran is a powerful healing agent.


In addition, Battin Farms Equine and Soldier Sanctuary rescues horses that are badly neglected and abused. They attend slaughter auctions and help save as many horses as they can from certain torturous death. Horses who reach slaughter auctions are treated, transported and killed in the most inhumane ways possible and current legislation in many states is being fought to stop these heinous acts. 


Battin Farms Equine and Soldier Sanctuary provide a way to save as many horses from being slaughtered and find new homes for the horses. They first have to be bought at auction, then quarantined and veterinarian services before the horses are allowed out with other horses. They are analyzed for the physical and mental needs, training. good food, Vet and hoof care is provided. In addition, the horses interact with war Veterans for increased mental stability and rehabilitation for both horse and Veteran. Horses must be adopted out to worthy homes and Battin Farms Equine and Soldier Sanctuary does the marketing, care of the horses and do the full adoption process for each horse. 


2022 is the start of a new begining as we have purchased our own land and are in the process of building a new facility to offer more services and not have to worry about anyone selling land on us.  Total project cost is $185,000.00 so far we have raised $3500 towards this venture.  

5 year Anniversary Horse Beauty Contest.  Please help us in deciding who is the best looking.  We are asking that votes be as follows   Grant AKA Fabio  $2.00 donation,Stella AKA Queen of the Stable $3.00 and Palmer AKA Big Boy Floyd $5.00  all proceeds go directly to horses care. We will run this contest until Labor Day so please help us pick a winner.  Votes can be done by clicking donate button on website or by Venmo @Battinfarm

    About us

    We started this journey not just to save Equine  but to also save Soldiers who suffer from PTSD, and other disabilities as well. If you have ever owned a horse or have been around them you know there is something special about developing a bond with one of these magnificent animals.

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    Battin Farms Equine and Soldier Sanctuary
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